el ten eleven (i.e. our new obsession)

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first off, we think the t-shirt is good enough to warrant an obsession. there is more substance to this post however, and to this incredibly innovative duo. el ten eleven are kristian dunn and tom fogarty, and have a penchant for making very danceable noize. you’ll hear some ‘explosions in the sky,’ some ‘justice’ and ‘daft punk’ influences, a dash of ‘cut copy’ but like any good recipe, el ten eleven are a delicious concoction all their own. they have a separate link on their website just for their EQUIPMENT. their catchy and pleasing blend will please electro heads and rockers alike. we can’t reiterate again how pleasing, catchy, and joyous they are. now if only we could get them booked on a tour with holy fuck & cut copy and we could die a sweaty, happy dance-a-thon death.

their new album ‘these promises are being videotaped‘ is out now and available on itunes amont other places. check their website and myspace for upcoming tour dates.


morning after girls resurface with new song

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sacha of the morning after girls

sacha of the morning after girls

best things come to those who wait, right?  one of FUG IT’s favorite purveyors of psych/gaze/etc. crossover, Melbourne’s The Morning After Girls are BACK with a new track and shhhh….more to come.   their new tune can be sampled on their MySpace page, and features pillowy soundbed of fuzz and reverb, with a clear-as-a-bell, chiming Bunnymen guitar in the lead.  it’s too yummy to talk about.  just listen.  we can’t wait to see what else they’ve been working on for the last couple of years, and can only pray they’ll make it Stateside for some tours or SXSW in 09.

tilly and the wall: the live indie carnival

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American indie crowds are a mixed bag. It takes a special kind of performer to get a live gig crowd riled up outside of their chin-stroking, head-nodding, Pitchfork-reading mode. Leave it to Tilly & The Wall to get the crowd nice and sweaty when they bring their indie rock sideshow carnival to the fore. Balloons! Tambourines! Tap dancing! Striped tights! Confetti! Glitter! Dance routines! Tilly create an atmospheric concoction all their own, instilling a sense of rapture and joy in their audience which would linger long beyond their exit stage left.

Before the show commenced, a packet of balloons was released upon the audience, resulting in a rainbow of inflated balloons bouncing under the great and gilded ceiling of the Great American Music Hall. Balloons floated towards the stage, and the engineers dutifully bopped them back into the audience, one after the other. At first they seemed mildly annoyed, a tedious distraction from setting up mics and testing sound, but even they started to crack smiles after the 100th volley of that damn green balloon. This is a key part of the Tilly & The Wall experience. No matter who you are and what your tastes, you will be converted. The carnival sideshow creates a type of congregation, unified by a communal rapture, leaving even those with the most sour disposition defenseless.


As most of you are probably aware Tilly are known not only for their infectious and danceable tunes, ranging from the soulful booty shaking ‘Beat Control,’ to the garage band stomp of ‘Pot Kettle,’ and nearly jug-band grooves of ‘Alligator Skin,’ they are equally if not more famous for their ‘indie talent show’ act. Three sets of tapping feet, swags of shimmering sequin fabric, and outstanding fashion stylings all prove to show the pride they take in the fact that they are putting on a show. It is an experience, an all-consuming love affair between the performers and their audience, which is all part and parcel of why Tilly have created such a devout fanbase. When returning for the encore, they took personal requests from the audience, asking not merely the front row devotees but trying to reach out beyond and hear their more distant fans. They performed several requests to a now stomping, and shrieking crowd while Kianna Alarid motioned the crowd to cluster together before diving headfirst into her fans, her striped legs barely held aloft by her fans’ sweaty palms.


Not much changed after the lights went up. The sideshow continued with fans assembling in a dance-a-thon in circles on the floor of the Great American, twisting, jumping, and twirling amongst the balloons and foil confetti streamers. Tilly’s congregation mixed among themselves, spreading joy, smiles, happiness, and sharing dance moves throughout the land.



arm’s way

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(photo by Alex Wagner)

The last several years has seen a high-volume of genre-dodging output from our very neighborly neighbors up in Canada. The seminal, noteworthy, and just-plain outstanding Arts & Crafts label has provided homes to some of the most critically acclaimed artists of recent years (Broken Social Scene, Stars, Feist, The Most Serene Republic, etc.), and we need not even mention the innovative explosion of 2004 which surfaced in the form of Arcade Fire.

Islands, of all bands currently on the ‘buzz’ market, are no exception, and fit comfortably alongside many of our aforementioned experimental neighbors. The Montreal-based sextet are revved up for their sophomore release ‘Arm’s Way,’ their first album with ANTI, making them label-mates with Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and Neko Case among others. From the preview-sounds available on MySpace (Creeper, and The Arm) they appear to be moving into an area of more lush orchestration, and you can hear vocalist Nick Thorburn pushing his boundaries of personal expression. Considering how well their 2006 debut ‘Return To The Sea’ was received, no doubt their upcoming tour will be well-attended, and hopefully, well-received.

The album will be available for purchase (you can pre-order now) via the usual outlets (iTunes, InSound, Amazon) on 20 May 08 in North America, and 19 May in Europe.

Their extensive upcoming North American tour commences 22 May in support of ‘Arm’s Way.’ Watch the video for ‘The Arm’ below.

Islands homepage

Islands MySpace

repeat one: oh no! oh my!

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oh no oh my

i have no sister‘ from Austinite’s Oh No! Oh My!’s 2006 self-titled release is a fantastically lovely oddity. it manages to create a delicate and rare balance between the eerie and the whimsical. the introduction starts off with ominous organ and echoing vocals. the combination wouldn’t seem misplaced floating across a cemetery, then the jingling comes in, tambourine shakes, and talks of riding ‘bikes into the sea.’ maybe the skeletons are rising from their graves, laughing hysterically and taking your bike for a joyride towards the ocean. it has an element of glorious madness to it, a macabre charm.

i love you all the time‘ has a similarly haunting aesthetic, but the tranced-up version. it would have been an incredibly popular track at the late-TRASH Club in London, or indeed any place who loves a bit of indie pop with a chugging electro beat encouraging those jane fonda moves. the lyrics have a magnetic fields element to them: ‘i love you all the time, except when you are mine,’ wavering endearingly while committing the fragile admission.

their 2007 EP ‘between the devil and the sea‘ is also available for purchase, and you can follow up the band’s updates on music, literary life, and touring at their blog oh no oh my sucks.

atp nyc, mbv’s north american tour, etc.

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Perhaps the world’s best party throwers, ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties), have added more bands to their NY festival, as well as let loose the next batch of ticket sales. You can purchase tickets with  or without accommodation. No day tickets are available, single non-accommodation tickets will run you $225 for the weekend.  While they do not have the chalets of Camber Sands, ATP has arranged for DJ’S and post-gig partying at the Raleigh Hotel to continue the entertainment for those who have booked accommodation.  The festival runs from Friday 19 September through Sunday 21st September at Kutshers Country Club in Monticello NY.  Tickets are available at Seetickets.com or by clicking here.

My Bloody Valentine have curated this festival along with ATP, and will be playing their first North American gig in 16 years.

The line up as of today is as follows:




EDAN with guest DAGHA

The lineup is pretty mind-blowing.  If you can afford it, and even if you can’t, do whatever you have to in order to get your arse there.

If you can’t make it, and you’re an MBV fan, good news, they have announced North American tour dates.

22 September NY @ Roseland (on sale 9 May 10 a.m.)

25 September Toronto @ Ricoh (on sale 9 May 10 a.m.)

27 September Chicago @ Aragon Ballroom (on sale 10 May 10 a.m.)

30 September San Francisco @ The Concourse (on sale 11 May 10 a.m.

1 & 2 October Los Angeles @ Santa Monica Civic Center (on sale 10 May 10 a.m.)

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster outlets.

cabbie for kerouac

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Surely you are all aware that Death Cab For Cutie‘s forthcoming album Narrow Stairs’ is due to hit the shops and cause download meltdown on 13 May 2008.

But perhaps you have not all had access to some of the yummy exclusives and previews scattered around the media.

Paste Magazine has sent Ben Gibbard back to a cabin in Big Sur to write about his inspirations for ‘Narrow Stairs.’ Apparently Gibbard is a big fan of the Beat writer Jack Kerouac, who recoiled from the sudden surge of fame from ‘On The Road’ to a small cabin in Big Sur,the experience immortalized in his book of the same name. Gibbard reflects on a variety of topics, candidly and forthrightly, including all the awkward life-transitions he so gracefully encapsulates in many of his lyrics. You can read the article here.

Gibbard also features in Curt Worden’s film ‘One.Fast Move.Or I’m Gone,’ which is a documentary reflection on Kerouac’s experience at Big Sur, including interviews with Michael McClure, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Caroyln Cassady, Joyce Johnson, and many other of Kerouac’s contemporaries, as well as artists influenced by the great JK, including Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Ben Gibbard, Sam Shepard, and many others. Find out more about the movie here. Thank you to Mr. Worden for the information and link. We will look forward to the film’s release with happy, anxious anticipation, for we are big Kerouac fans at FUG IT.

The excellent blog Daytrotter also had Death Cab record several songs in their Futureappletree Studio One in Rock Island, ILL. The set features two sneak-peek downloads of songs from the upcoming album, as well as one of FUG IT‘s personal favorites, ‘Movie Script Ending‘ (from Photo Album). There are a total of 6 downloads, and some words from Mr. Gibbard himself about the songs, their content and the context in which they were written. If you are not already familiar with the wonderful people of Daytrotter, who do at least 5 recording sessions with talented artists each week, check out their ‘about’ page here.

The video for Death Cab‘s first single off ‘Narrow Stairs,’ ‘I Will Possess Your Heart,’ is out on YouTube now.